Alpha Plus 4 - Valuable Safe (38 L) - Code Lock

The Alpha Plus 4 is a compact valuable safe for private use, perfect to store and protect your cash, documents and other valuables.

Alpha Plus has 40 mm thick walls, the material used to fill the inside of the walls is composed of a fire retardant mineral.The door is of steel 6 mm thick, it is secured with one-way bolts (Ø 20 mm).

It can be bolted to the wall or anchored on the floor, the bolting material is included.

Alpha Plus comes with a code lock. Go back to choose another lock or product.

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Produktname Alpha Plus 4 - Valuable Safe (38 L) - Code Lock
Modell Alpha Plus 4 - Code Lock
Tresor Serie Alpha Plus - Feuerisolierter Tresor. Trotz der kompakten Maße verfügt dieser Safe über 40mm dicke Wände mit feuerdämmender Mineralwolle. Die Tür ist mit 20mm dicken Schließbolzen gesichert. Erhältlich mit Schlüssel oder Codeschloss.
Tresor Typ Frei stehend
Tresor Zweck Dokumente, Wertsachen
Lieferzeit 3-5 Arbeitstage
Farbe Anthrazit Grau (RAL 7016)
Feuer Resistenz Feuer isoliert
Schloss Elektronisches Schloss
Schloss Typ Alpha Codeschloss
Batterie & Notöffnung AA, Notfallzugang mit Schlüssel bei Batterieausfall
Gewicht - (kg) 54.00
Anzahl - Regale 1 bewegliches Regal
Kapazität- Liter 38
Höhe - außen (mm) 410
Breite - außen (mm) 460
Tiefe - außen(mm) 395
Höhe - innen (mm) 330
Breite - innen (mm) 380
Tiefe - innen(mm) 302
Tür Öffnung - Winkel 90 Grad - interne Scharniere
Scharniere Rechte Seite
Türstruktur Doppelwandiger Stahl
Tür Bolzen 1- seitige Bolzen (Ø 20 mm)
Körper Struktur Doppelwandig
Verankerung Boden, Wand
Bolzen inbegriffen 2

Alpha Plus 4 (40 L), Electronic lock - Safe to store all your valuables in your home or office.

Alpha Plus is a small safe designed for homes and offices where it is necessary to protect valuables such as cash, jewelry, documents, among others.

Key facts

The walls of the safe are built with double steel, the inside filled with a fireproof mineral material, having a thickness of 40 mm.The door is made out of 6 mm thick steel, secured by one-sided bolts (Ø 20 mm). The hinges are placed internally on the right side of the safe, providing a 90º opening of the door on that side. This safe is prepared to be bolted to the wall or floor, with the holes in the back and base. The bolting material is included.

Lock options

Alpha Plus is available with: • Double-bitted key lock (8 lever), it is supplied with two keys. • High-security electronic lock, created with a patented technology that allows the possibility of having two codes, between 4 and 8 digits. By using a system of audio and visual notifications, the user can know the proper use or operation of the safe. In case of introducing a wrong code 3 consecutive times, the system will shut down for a few minutes. The electronic lock is powered by 4 x AA, which are included. The lock screen will notify when the batteries are running low and it is time to change them. It includes an emergency key to open the box in case the electronic code does not work or when the battery is low.

Configuration options

The models of safes, that include electronic lock, function with a motorized mechanism for opening or closing, it has installed an audible anti-tamper alarm, also an internal LED lightning which illuminates the interior of the safe. For a better care of the content stored in the safe, this model has a carpet on the base on which to place the objects. Alpha Plus is available in color Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

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