Digital Bell Timer for Fixtures Schools and Industry - Bluetooth - Year-round - 1 Channel

Timer with automatically programmed call times all year round

The easy-to-use digital clock can time the ringing times according to daily, weekly and yearly programmes. Therefore, the clock is particularly suitable for schools or industry that require fixed ringing times with a break in the ringing time on weekends, holidays and vacations.

The switch clock controls the ringing times and transmits a signal for the bells to be powered and to ring for a predetermined number of seconds/minutes as required.

The unit is usually mounted in an electrical panel from which it is connected to the time relay to which a ringing signal is to be sent.
The large channel capacity of 16 amps in the channel means that you can mount a large number of ringers to your ringing system.

This model with Bluetooth has the advantage that you can easily download an app to your mobile and thus be able to continuously download and update the software. You can save and send your applications via WhatsApp, iMessage or E-mail, but also save them as PDF. You can also connect the watch to your PC and do the same programming from there.

The school clock is available with 1 channel up to 4 channels. This allows individual ringing for e.g. primary school and older children.

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ProduktnameDigital Bell Timer for Fixtures Schools and Industry - Bluetooth - Year-round - 1 Channel
Sound signalPulse/Pause length cycle 0:00:01 up to 9:59:59 h:mm:ss
Durchmesser45 x 71,5 x 58 mm
Lieferzeit1-3 Arbeitstage
BatteriePower back-up (at 20 °C) approx. 10 years (exchangeable battery CR 2032)
Befestigungsmaterial35 mm DIN-rail
Data memoryMemory locations: 300
FarbeWie im Bild
ModellSC 98.10 PRO4
Passend fürSchulen / Institutionen, Lagerhaus, Produktion, Chemieindustrie, Werkstatt / Garage
Voltage110-230 V, 50–60 Hz
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