KWT 2000 Våbenskab - Grade 0 - Kodelås

KWT is a compact weapon safe with a burglary certification in Grade 0 according to European regulations DIN EN 1143-1.

The safe is ideal for storing handguns and/or ammunition. Thanks to the tidy interior design it is also perfect for the storage of other valuables like jewellery, watches or cash.

The KWT Guns safe comes with either a high security double-bit keylock (2 keys are included in the shipping) or a two user codelock. With the 4-sided door locking, the safe is well protected against burglary.

For additional security it is also prepared with one anchoring hole in the bottom and two holes in the rear wall.

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  • Widerstandsgrad 0 ist die erste Zertifizierung nach Widerstandsgraden, und sicherer als Tresore mit Klasse S1 oder S2.

Mehr Informationen
ProduktnameKWT 2000 Våbenskab - Grade 0 - Kodelås
Tresor SerieKWT 900 - Waffenschrank zertifiziert in Klasse 0, geeignet für die Lagerung von Kurzwaffen und Munition. Auch für das Aufhängen von Schlüsseln ideal. Hochsicherheitstür mit 4-seitiger Verriegelung.
FarbeGraphit Grau (RAL 7024)
Lieferzeit2-3 Wochen
Tresor TypFrei stehend
Tresor ZweckWaffen, Wertsachen
Gewicht - (kg)52
WiderstandsgradGRADE 0
ZertifizierungsstandardEN 1143-1
Zertifizierungsstelle - EinbruchECB•S Germany
Cash RatingGRADE 0
Feuer ResistenzKein Brandschutz
SchlossElektronisches Schloss
Schloss TypM-Locks EM2020 / BR5010 (Format 21)
Anzahl - Regale 1 bewegliches Regal
Schubladen0 Schubladen
Kapazität- Liter31
Kapazität - Waffen4 Pistolen
MunitionsboxKein Munitionsfach
Höhe - außen (mm)405
Breite - außen (mm)400
Tiefe - außen(mm)420
Höhe - innen (mm)CHF 325
Breite - innen (mm)CHF 311
Tiefe - innen(mm)CHF 305
Tür Öffnung - Höhe (mm)325
Türöffnung Breite311
Tür Öffnung - Winkel180 Grad - externe Scharniere
ScharniereRechte Seite
VerankerungBoden, Wand
Bolzen inbegriffen0

KWT - Grade 0 Burglary Tested Weapon safe - Available with Keylock or Codelock

The KWT is a certified Grade 0 safe in accordance with DIN EN 1143-1. Included in the shipping, a foam gun holder for 5 guns is provided. Customize the capacity of your safe by buying more gun holders or shelves. Even though this strongbox is designed as a weapon safe it is adaptable to meet your personal goal. The wide range of possibilities makes it perfect to store jewellery, documents and other valuables.

Key Facts

The KWT comes with a double-bit high security key lock or a two-user electronic code lock (2 keys are included in the shipping). A silver-colored handle protrudes 12 mm from the cabinet.

The door is designed with a 4-sided door lock and it opens at an angle of 180 °. The hinges are on the right side.

The weapon cabinet is prepared with a hole in the bottom so it can be fixed to the floor, but has extra holes at the back to also attach in the wall, all made for your additional security.

The cabinet's standard color is Graphite Gray (RAL 7024).

Lock options

The KWT can be purchased with a key lock or electronic code lock. If there is more than one person who is utilizing the locker, we highly recommend the code lock, as two users can be memorized.

Customization options are available. Extra shelves, internal safes, hinges on the opposite side, colour options.

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