Data Insert Alpha - Fire Test 120 min - Paper Star Plus

Floppy disk insert for installation in Paper Star Plus 3. Equipped with fire protection S 120 P / DIS.

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ProduktnameData Insert Alpha - Fire Test 120 min - Paper Star Plus
ModellAlpha - Insert for Paper Star Plus 3
FarbeHell grau (RAL 7035)
Lieferzeit4-5 Wochen
Tresor TypZubehör
Tresor ZweckDaten
Geeignet fürPaper Star Plus 3
Gewicht - (kg)64
Fire ClassificationEN 1047-1: DI 120 P/DIS
Feuertest MethodeEN 1047-1
Zertifizierungsstelle - BrandschutzECB•S Germany
Kapazität- Liter12
Höhe - außen (mm)593
Breite - außen (mm)375
Tiefe - außen(mm)430
Höhe - innen (mm)CHF 380
Breite - innen (mm)CHF 150
Tiefe - innen(mm)CHF 213
ScharniereRechte Seite

Floppy disk insert for the installation in the Document Safe Paper Star Plus 3. The disk insert makes it possible to also store data media in the document safe. It offers 2 hours of fire protection for data carriers (S 120 P / DIS protection according to EN 1047-1, tested by IBMB / MPA at the TU Braunschweig, Germany).

The insert has 2 levels and 1 shelf for the storage of floppy disks.

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